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Prints available through Kay WalkingStick.
Prices range from $500-$2,000 including shipping.

Giclée Prints Available of Kay WalkingStick's Work:

If you wish to purchase a high quality photo print based on one of the paintings or works on paper that you saw at my retrospective or in the book “Kay WalkingStick/An American Artist” you can do so. Many of the works on my website are also available in high quality reproduction.  The available prints are on heavy archival paper, and printed in the Giclée method which is with archival ink.  Please tell me which art work interests you and the size you would like, and I will contact you with the price. The price is usually $500 or less, but the price of each is variable depending on size which will be smaller than the original.  These are very limited edition prints – one or two of each piece – and will be made to order so will take about 2 to 3 weeks to produce.

It should be noted that many of my paintings have very dense and textured surfaces, and these, of course, will be flattened by any photo process.  The Giclée process reproduces only the image.

il Sogno del Cortile, 2004
5-color silkscreen, collograph and lithograph
Edition of 50 plus 10 Artist's proofs

Wallowa Memory, 2003
4-color lithograph
Edition of 16

Bearpaw Battlefield, 2003
Etching and lithograph
Edition of 16

Bitterroot Winter, 2003
2-color linocut and lithograph
Edition of 16

Night Magic, 2001
Lithograph and hand color (hand tipped gold)
Edition of 50

You're an Indian, 1995
5-color lithograph
Edition of 50

Four Directions Blessing III, 1994

Onrush of Time, 1989
Offset litho triptych
Edition of 50

Columbus Boogie, 1985
Edition of 24

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All prices on request from Kay WalkingStick

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